How To Clean A Mattress In Simple Steps?

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Clean A Mattress

A person spends nearly one-third of his lifetime on the sleeping mattress. Therefore, it is important to take good care of the mattress from health and hygiene perspective. A regular cleaning of the mattress will keep it free from the allergens and dust mites. Besides, it will prevent mold and mildew formation due to spillage, sweating, and urination of infants. The following is the list of simple steps on how to clean a mattress.

Step 1. Removing Layers

The first step is to remove everything that is protecting or covering the mattress. So start with removing the pillows, blankets, bed cover and other objects. Some people put a filled sheet or mattress protector, if you have them, you have to remove them too.

Removing Layers

It is better if you clean the pillow covers, bed cover, mattress protector and others along with the mattress so that everything can be fresh. Otherwise, put them in a different room as the space around should be free when you clean your mattress.

Step 2. Vacuum Cleaning

We should start cleaning the mattress with a vacuum cleaner for the initial cleaning. A vacuum cleaner helps to get rid of mites, hair, dead skin, debris and others from the mattress. You should use the wide brush attachment with the vacuum cleaner for a perfect cleaning. Besides, you should use the long nozzle to clean the edges, sides, and corners in the best possible way.

Vacuum Cleaning

Step 3. Cleaning Spillage and Stains

If there is any normal spill, you should get a wet cloth and blot the spot. Instead of blotting, if you scrub or rub too hard, it will push farther. Keep blotting as long as the excess liquid is not soaked.

If there is any stain, take a small bowl and put liquid dish soap. Stir it and dip a toothbrush. Scrub with the toothbrush of the affected area of the mattress. In the end, clean the area with a wet cloth and then soak the dampness on the area with a dry cloth.

Cleaning Spillage and Stains

If you have any biological spill like sweat, blood, urine or likewise, you need to use an enzyme cleaner. Take a clean cloth and take some enzyme cleaner on it and blot the stain to let it absorb the enzyme cleaner. Let the enzyme cleaner settle down for 15 minutes and then blot again with the same cloth but this time to remove the stain. Then wash the cloth and wipe the area again with the damp cloth.

Step 4. Baking Soda Treatment

Baking soda is used to deodorize the mattress as sweat keeps on building on the mattress and it can give out a bad smell. Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over the entire surface. You can also add a few drops of essential oil for aromatic smell. Give at least 30 minutes to let the baking soda absorb the bad odor. It also absorbs any liquid on the mattress. The more time you allow, the cleaner and better the deodorize effect will be.

Baking Soda Treatment

Step 5. Vacuum Cleaning Again

If the baking soda has settled down perfectly, it is time to use a vacuum cleaner to remove the baking soda. With the baking soda, you have absorbed all the odors, acids, and liquid that baking soda has absorbed effectively. You should use a wide brush for the top of the mattress and long nozzle for the corners and edges.

Vacuum Cleaning Again

Finally, you should let it air out for a few hours so that the dampness vanishes if there is any. Try on the ceiling fan and open the window to let the sun rays hit the mattress. Besides, the most important thing to remember on how to clean a mattress is to apply the same techniques on all side of the mattress and not just one side.

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